Product Delivery and Orders


Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles deliver;

  • Brisbane – Monday through to Saturday
  • South East Qld & Gold Coast – Monday through to Friday
  • Across Australia  – Monday through to Friday or via transport schedule
  • Overseas – Monday through to Friday or via transport schedule

Orders to be placed by 9am day of required dispatch to help and ensure prompt delivery to all customers.

We have strong alliances with many transport companies allowing us to provide customers across Queensland, Australia and Internationally.

We only ask that majority of processing requirements are forwarded to our office the day or afternoon before the order may be required for dispatch.


Phone our helpful  Staff on:  (07) 3216-5988 – Monday to Friday from 4:30am through to 4pm

or for your convenience, use:

  • 24 hour Email:
  • After Hours message service:  (07) 3216-5988
  • 24 hours Fax:  (07) 3216-5264 –  Print off our Blank Order Form and fax it through.

TEMPLATE – Fax Order Form



When leaving a message on our answering machine, please leave your customer name and contact details clearly and provide precise information on products required. This is help with the speed of dispatch to ALL customers on the day of delivery.

  • Portion size
  • Skin on or skinless
  • Plain or Coating type eg: Tempura, Beer Batter
  • Cooked or Raw

Options for processing details to mention;

Prawns:                                                            Peeled to any requirement.

Sand Crab:                                                       Cut in Half and Cleaned

Spanner Crab:                                                  Cut in Half and Cleaned

Bugs:                                                                 Cut in Half and Cleaned

Fresh Fish:                                                         Cut into Portions (any size)

Please also note while some products are charged per KG, they are purchased per carton. Not all products will be available with every order placement. Staff will endeavour to notify customers with any questions.

Some Frozen products we might need to obtain from Cold Stores around Brisbane  which can take up to 24 hours. Please allow for this when planning your requirements.  Queensland Reef and Beef will always do their best to source your products for you as soon as possible and have them in stock, when ordering on a regular basis.

Minimum Order Quantity:

We ask that our customers try to adhere to a minimum order placement of $200, due to the expense of operations and delivery costs eg fuel, staff and vehicles.