Whole and Portioned - Cooked and Raw. Queensland Wild Caught Albacore Tuna.

Whole and Portioned – Cooked and Raw. Queensland Wild Caught Albacore Tuna.

Queensland Reef and Beef will soon be stocking an innovative new product from Mooloolaba Tuna Company.

Albacore Tuna is a white meat Tuna that makes for great eating. With the new moisture enhancing method being used by Mooloolaba Tuna Company the flesh stays moist and delicious.

The brochure linked below (2 page PDF) details the great benefits to this product. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy the flavour just as much as we do. Call us now to secure your stock: (07) 3216-5988

Albacore Tuna – Moisture Infused




Variety of Gourmet Sausages

Variety of Gourmet Sausages

Our reputable meat suppliers have been working tirelessly to create some of the most mouth-watering sausages available – some varieties listed even won awards at the recent 2014 ‘Sausage King Awards’

Please follow the link for more detailed information; Gourmet Sausages – June 2014


Queensland Reef and Beef are now proud to be stocking the renowned San Marco Authentic Italian Pizza Bases.

Currently available in both 10 Inch and 12 Inch sizes to suit your requirements.


Click on the link following or contact our office today for all additional information: (07) 3216-5988. Pizza Bases

Serving suggestion:  Tomato Base with plenty of fresh herbs, Squid, Baby Prawns, Scallops and Mussels

Serving suggestion:
Tomato Base with plenty of fresh herbs, Squid, Baby Prawns, Scallops and Mussels

Jack Purcell Meats has received amazing results at the Sausage King Awards 2014.

With a delectable array of Freshly made Gourmet Meat Sausages you’ll be sure to love.

Jack Purcell Meats wins big with their new range of Gourmet Meat Sauages

Jack Purcell Meats wins big with their new range of Gourmet Meat Sausages

Be sure to contact our sales department on (07) 3216-5988 to order your stock now


Article in issue of B-Magazine

Article in issue of B-Magazine

The Queensland Reef Seafood Collection is being talked about all over Brisbane and we are proud to have been included in the 28th January edition (issue number 273) of B-Magazine.

Succulent Fresh Cooked 21/30 and 10/20 sized Tiger Prawns have just arrived into Queensland Reef and Beef.

Fresh Cooked Medium Tiger Prawns

Fresh Cooked Medium Tiger Prawns

Call our friendly and helpful Sales Staff NOW – (07) 3216-5988

Photo of Pasta Pieces

Seafood Pasta Collection Now Available

Queensland Reef & Beef is pleased to announce the release of our new seafood pasta range.

We have created 4 new delicious seafood ravioli options to tempt all tastes and have now released our new Queensland Reef Ready Made Meals.  

All pastas are pasteurised and snap frozen to lock in the freshness and flavour and allow a 12 month shelf line in the freezer.

Now you can enjoy your favourite ravioli in a delicious meal and ready to enjoy after just 7 minutes in the microwave or steam oven.

* Crab and Prawn Ravioli with Garlic, White Wine and Dill Sauce

* Sea Scallop and Prawn Ravioli with Creamy Coriander and Lime Sauce

*Crab and Barramundi with Herb and Seafood Sauce

* HUON Salmon Ravioli with Lemon infused Cream Sauce

Our four ready made meal range is made with only the freshest ingredients; Ravioli pieces with a sauce consisting of fresh milk, cream, parmesan cheese, fresh herbs and spices topped with a sprinkling of sharp Italian parmesan.

Without the addition of artificial colours or flavours, our 400GM Seafood inspired meals will have you begging for more.

For more detailed information on the options currently available, please visit the “Queensland Reef Seafood Collection” product page.

Delectable Whitsundays Salt-Water Farmed Barramundi, Filleted and smoked in a Natural Hickory and a luxurious peppered flavour.

Each mouth-watering package is made up of one fillet weighing approximately 500GM each.

Rich in Omega 3 and product of Australia, the Smoked Barramundi can be sold per carton of 20 units or per individual random weight packet.

Available now through Queensland Reef and Beef

Smoked Barra

Serving Suggestion – Fresh Smoked Barramundi Salad




Award winning Kinkawooka Live “Pot-Ready” Black Mussels are a Seafood MUST.

Harvested and processed in Boston Bay, South Australia; the Kinkawooka Black Mussels produce an intense and sweet flavour and have a unique soft and tender texture.

After going through the processing facility to be fully cleaned and debearded, the Mussels are then packed in the exclusive Sea Sure packaging so that they remain alive and stress free while being transported across Australia.

Queensland Reef and Beef stock different sized packaging of the Kinkawooka branded Black Mussels to suit all requirements;

The standard 1.00KG Packets (12 x 1KG Carton)

The Caterers 4.00KG Packets (3 x 4KG Carton)

The Value 2.00KG Packets (7 x 2KG Carton)

Kinkawooka is the winner of various awards including;

* Winner of Seafood Excellence Award for Best Supplier (Aquaculture)

* Winner of Seafood Excellence Award for Seafood Promotion

* Winner of Delicious Produce Award for Producer of the Year 2011

* Recognised by the International Sustainability Organisation FRIEND OF THE SEA

Kinkawooka Mussels